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We've collaborated with Edinburgh-based bag maker Straight Cut to produce an ultra light, functional, unique bar bag. The bag design is tried and tested, and attaches to your bike via voile straps and a stabilising band. It never bounces around on your handlebars. Having owned numerous Dyneema products in the past, it was an obvious choice for our bar bags, despite the high cost. It's 15x stronger than steel and provides the highest tear and tensile strength of any competing fabric on a weight-by-weight and thickness basis. Admittedly, part of why we love Dyneema is the look- it's deep shimmer and the patina it acquires over time is truly unique. There's nothing like it. 
  • Dimensions - 200 x 120mmø 
  • Capacity - 2.2L
  • Made from black  Dyneema®
  • Bright orange liner
  • Ykk® Aquaguard® water repellent zipper
  • Internal HDPE plastic shim to hold the shape
  • Solid 3 point attachment - pair of Voile straps® and elastic stabilising cord
  • Side Pockets 
  • Horizontal front webbing rail, perfect for lights 
  • Out-front computer mount friendly zipper access
  • Bartacked at all attachment points for strength
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